The way we do meat

About a year ago, I was learned a little something that really bothered me about ground meat – a little thing known as “pink slime”. If you have never heard about it, and you are interested, I challenge you to google it and find out for yourself. I won’t go into what it is, only what we have decided to do for our family. I invested in a meat grinder attachment for my stand mixer and now grind our own meat – usually chicken. Yes, it is much more convenient to buy it pre-ground, but again, I just can’t get over the ‘pink slime’ issue. Here is my process. I generally do at least 5 lbs at a time to reduce how often I grind meat.

First, I cut the meat into roughly 1 inch cubes.


Then, turn the grinder on and begin the process.




Once ground, I go ahead and cook all the meat since I’m usually going to use it for tacos, casseroles, soup, etc.  Just saves a step once it’s time to prepare a meal.



Then I separate it into meal size portions and put it in the freezer.  When it’s time to get dinner ready, half the work is already done!


Yes, this is not the easy way out, but for my family, this is a way we have chosen to go to be healthier.  I know exactly what is in our meat, and don’t have to worry about the stomach churning thought of ‘other things’ going in our bodies.  It really is simple to do, and we have actually saved a lot of money doing it this way too!  Our grinder has more than paid for itself for sure!!  And of course, one of the other positives is that it tastes SO much better than the pre-ground chicken from the store!!  The whole process takes roughly 1 to 1-1/2 hours depending on how many times I get interrupted by the little one.  🙂

I hope I’ve challenged you to think a bit about what you and your family are eating for dinner!  Would love to hear about ways your family is saving money and eating healthy!!

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5 Responses to The way we do meat

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  4. tkward02 says:

    Yes, I’m sure you are! It is a dream of ours to have a farm and be able to raise and grow all our own food, or at least be able to have some sort of swap with neighboring farms. Unfortunately we aren’t able to do that right now. So good to hear from you!

  5. Katrina Shannon says:

    Thanks for sharing, Kimberly! We are looking into purchasing a meat grinder attachment for our Bosch. Mostly for the venison that Corey’s been hunting, but I’m sure we’ll use it for pure beef and pork, as well. Being in farm life, I think we’re missing the pink slime when we cart the live animal to the local butcher, but I appreciate the info. Take care! ~Katrina Shannon

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