Fun with flour tortillas

Store bought tortillas are definitely the easiest thing to just pick up and have on hand.  However, making them can be so much fun!  And like anything else homemade, they taste great!  I love to get my daughter in the kitchen with me and this is a great thing for little ones to help with.  I’m so glad she is learning to enjoy cooking!  I started taking photos half way through, so I didn’t get each step this time.  Ok, so here is the recipe

Flour Tortillas

2-3/4 cup flour

5 Tablespoons shortening

3/4 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup very warm water

Combine the flour and shortening in a medium bowl.  Work together until you can no longer see any lumps of shortening.  I usually have to do this with my fingers to get the lumps small enough.

dissolve the salt in the water and add to the flour-shortening mixture.  Combine well until it forms a ball of dough.  Knead on the counter for a few minutes until it all holds together and the texture is smooth.  This dough will be stiff compared to yeast dough.  Divide into 12 balls, place on a plate and cover with plastic wrap.  Let these sit for about 30 minutes.  This will help them roll out easier.  A few minutes before you are ready to roll the tortillas, pre-heat an ungreased griddle or skillet to medium to medium-high.


This is when my daughter came running into the kitchen ready to help 🙂  What child (or adult for that matter) jumps at an opportunity to make a floury mess and smash something with a rolling-pin?!  Be sure to flour your surface and your rolling-pin so the tortilla doesn’t stick.  Roll them out until they are about 7-8 inches.  Of course the idea is to make a circle, but we just do the best we can. 🙂  When the little one helps, we usually end up with square tortillas!


Once rolled out, place them on the hot griddle.  Almost immediately they will begin to form bubbles.  Let them cook for about 30 seconds and then check the underside.  If the bubble areas are turning brown it’s time to flip it over.  Cook another 30 seconds on the opposite side.


Once you get a routine down, it really goes pretty quickly.  Be sure not to cook them too long or they will become crispy.  A few of our were a little more crisp than planned as I had a wonderful little helper with me.

They are best if served immediately, however if you just warm them for a few seconds in the microwave they are just as good.  We made these early in the afternoon and then re-warmed them for dinner.

I also usually make these with half whole wheat flour and half white flour in order to have more whole grains.  I was a little distracted this time, so we had white tortillas for dinner.

I hope you enjoy!  Have fun with your kids in the kitchen!

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