Onion issues

Ever have extra onion left over?  For years I would try my best to save half an onion for another recipe only to find that the smell would permeate my refrigerator, seep into other foods, and eventually fill the kitchen.  I tried double bagging it, using airtight plastic containers with the result always staying the same.  Yuck!

Then, one day I tried this idea.  To be honest, I can’t remember where I originally heard it, my mom told me that my grandmother used to do this, so maybe it was back in the recesses of my mind somewhere. Ha! Regardless, it works, and I haven’t had an issue with onion smell since!  Ok, the secret is glass!  Any glass jar will work.  I happen to use a wide-mouthed salsa jar.  I can generally fit half an onion or more in it without an issue.


If you want, go a head and finish chopping it to save a step next time you’re cooking.


Screw the lid on and you are good to go!


The onion, even chopped, will stay fresh for a few days like this.  The glass completely contains the smell and the whole family will be happy!!  Especially if you have some sensitive noses in your home like I do in mine. 🙂

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