30-day Detox

“A 30-day what?” This was my response to my brother when he told me they were about to begin a 30-day Detox. I really thought he was crazy. I had read about detoxes, and to be honest could not imagine why anyone would want to put themselves through such a rigid diet, even if it was only for 30 days. Well, after reading my sister-in-laws journey though this particular detox by Arbonne, and hearing the results they saw, both physically and mentally, I started to ask a lot more questions. And,….. I decided to give it a try myself. After reading about the meals that they were actually eating, I realized that it wasn’t a whole lot different from what we already eat in our home. Yes, there would be a few big changes – No Coffee! Yikes! I think that will be the hardest change, not that I depend on it for the caffeine, it is just a habit to get up and have a hot comforting cup of coffee each morning. I love the smell that fills the house as the coffee brews, and to taste that first sip that starts my day. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but there are days I literally go to bed thinking about waking up and having coffee. It’s just something I enjoy, I consider coffee with cream and sugar my one indulgence. (Oh, by the way, this is my second day of the detox, can you tell I miss my morning coffee routine?)

Thankfully, I was able to convince my husband to join me in this 30-day journey. 🙂 It was really selfish on my part, I need the accountability! (He is missing his coffee too!) While my brother and sister-in-law did this detox for weight loss and health, I am doing purely for health reasons and my husband for support, and if we happen to lose a little weight long the way, we wouldn’t be too upset. 🙂 If you’d like to read about their journey, you can at www.rmjohnson427.blogspot.com

Why am I doing a detox? A year ago this month, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. While that was quite shocking in itself, I was ecstatic that the masses they found in my abdomen were not cancerous! I had surgery to remove the 3 fist-sized masses and multiple other areas of endometriosis scattered around my abdomen. Wow! I never want to have to go through that again. It was rough, I’ve had surgery before, but there was no comparison to what I endured during this surgery and the weeks following as I recovered. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and encouragement from my wonderful husband and my in-laws who came to care for me and our daughter while he was at work.

After my body healed from surgery, I took the advice of my physician, and went through 6 months of Lupron therapy. This medication worked to deplete my body completely of all estrogen (which causes endometriosis to grow). I will keep this part short and describe it as Menopause at age 30! My poor husband! He is such a trooper, and I am so blessed to have him! I’ve realized just how much he truly loves me over the past year. It’s now been 4 months since I completed therapy, and my body is beginning to get back to normal. It is my hope that through this 30-day detox that it will help the process along, and I will begin to feel more like myself, have energy again, and maybe not be so moody because my hormones are all messed up.

Why 30 days? They say that it takes 30 days to completely replace all the cells in your body. The strict diet which consists of – no sugar, coffee, vinegar, soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, yeast, sugar, or alcohol, is purely to aid in producing “healthy” cells. We will also be drinking herb teas and adding probiotic to our diet in order to help aid in detoxifying our digestive tract so that we can better absorb the healthy foods we are eating.

What will we eat? Tons of fruits and veggies, lean meats, healthy fats like avocado and olive oil, almond milk, healthy carbs like brown rice and quinoa. We will not be eating any processed foods. As I mentioned earlier, this is pretty much the diet we already follow. Because of my daughter’s history of dairy allergy and my history of endometriosis we were forced to cut out a majority of processed foods from our diet because most contain some form of dairy or soy. The general idea is to take our plate, fill 1/2 of it with non-starchy veggies, 1/4 with a lean meat, 1/8 with a healthy fat, and 1/8 with a healthy grain or starch. I will have to alter a few recipes, and come up with some new ones along the way. I’ll have to cook meals that will fit our detox and yet still make my 4-year-old happy. Oh, I do love a good challenge! 🙂

I plan to share more as we go through our journey, and hopefully be able to share some results at the end! I will also be sharing some of our favorite recipes. Let me tell you, the dinner we had tonight was absolutely delicious! We are 2 days down and 28 more to go!

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