Week 2 results – 30-day detox

Today is day 15!!  We are half way there!  The past 2 weeks have really gone by quickly.  After seeing such amazing results after our first week on our detox (you can read about them here), I was really excited to see what we were going to notice during our second week.  Unfortunately, the results from our second week aren’t as exciting as the first.  Several factors contributed to this I’m sure.  My husband did not have a great week, as he ended up with a head cold that really made him miserable for a few days.  However, his head cold did not last as long as they have in the past.  Perhaps the dietary restrictions we are on really helped him get over it more quickly.  🙂

As far as weight loss goes, we were both a bit disappointed that we didn’t see the as much weight loss during the second week that we saw in our first week.  I am only down another .5 lb. after week 2.  Before we even started, I was actually told not to expect much weight loss since our regular eating habits aren’t very different from the detox diet as far as eliminating processed foods and eating more fresh produce and lean meats.  (Almost 2 years ago our daughter tested positively to a dairy allergy.  We were then forced to make some major adjustments to our eating habits, and practically cut out all processed from our pantry.)  Although we are a little discouraged, I am reminding myself that weight loss has not been my goal through the detox.  I still stand by that, but honestly, it sure was nice to see those pounds come off!

I am still really enjoying having my mental energy and clarity of thought!  I wake up every morning mentally ready to go for the day.  I have been physically tired the past few days, but overall I continue to feel great compared to a month ago.

I don’t think I did as well with our meals this past week.  We still ate the good and avoided the bad, but not all our meals were well-balanced according to the portions recommended for our detox.  While the meals we ate were delicious, several leaned more toward the “just avoiding the bad” category.  This coming week, I’m hoping to do better with our meals, especially since I did more planning before going to the store.  🙂

As we have been on this journey, my husband and I have had many conversations about what we are going to add back to our menu after the detox is over.  Questions like: are we going to drink coffee again?  What foods are we going to add back on a regular basis?  What are we going to continue to avoid?  What is “healthy” eating going to look like for our family going forward?  One thing I know for sure is that we will continue to avoid soy and a lot of sugar.  We will also continue our quest of eliminating all processed foods.

Want to hear something interesting?  Because of our detox, we have not been able to eat any wheat or yeast.  Before we started, I had half a loaf of bread left in the cabinet.  This loaf was already a couple of weeks old, since we try not to eat very much bread anyway.  After sitting in the cabinet for another 10+ days, there still was no trace of mold anywhere!  On the one hand, some would say “Wow!  That’s great, you don’t have to throw it out!”  But, those were not my thoughts.  Because I love to bake, I know that when I make bread myself, it actually molds pretty quickly – usually after 5-6 days.  My thoughts went the direction of, “Wow!  What is this bread made out of that it wont spoil? And, what was I putting into my body by eating it?”  Definitely something to consider.

Our 30-day detox definitely has its ups and downs, but we are still continuing on!  We are 15 days down and have 15 days to go.  Half way through!  Will be posting some recipes from the past week soon!

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