Week 3 Results – 30-day detox

Wow!  We have already completed 3 weeks of our detox!  It’s hard to believe we are now beginning our final week.  While we haven’t seen any dramatic changes this week, I have noticed a few little things.  They are very subtle and really came as a passing thought at random times throughout the week.  I think the biggest thing I’ve noticed is I’m getting full very quickly.  I’m not eating near the quantity I was 3 weeks ago.  I think my stomach has shrunk.  I don’t think it is necessarily related to the detox itself, just something anyone following a strict diet would begin to notice.  Because I’m full and satisfied, I don’t find myself thinking about food or what I’m going to have for our next meal.  It is nice to not think about food between meals for sure!

With this, I am so glad we have had a set meal plan for the week.  Generally, if I’m not hungry, I don’t even want to think about cooking, so trying to decide what to cook for my hungry family can be very challenging.  This week, with our set meal plan, I was able to go on auto-pilot and make what was on the calendar for the day.  I’ve definitely learned the past few weeks that having a set meal plan is great!  I’m not scrounging around at 5 pm trying to figure out what we are going to have for dinner at 6.  I just look at the calendar in the morning, and know what I need to do to have dinner ready.  It is also very satisfying to use all the groceries I purchased for the week.  Because I have a plan before heading to the store, I only buy what we need.  After coming home from the store, our fridge is stocked with all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies, and come Friday evening the fridge is bare.

Something else I’ve noticed this week is the change in the choice I would make (if I could choose) between foods.  This weekend, I made some detox friendly banana nut muffins (took for the recipe to come in the next couple days), and we let our daughter get a chocolate chip cookie from Panera Bread.  Since she is only allowed to eat half of one of these (huge) cookies, the remainder was sitting on the counter right next to the muffins I made the day before.  When I did get a twinge of hunger, or maybe it was just a desire to eat something, they both caught my eye.  I was actually surprised that I “wanted” to have the muffin over the cookie!  A few weeks ago, I probably would have reached for the cookie just to satisfy the “want” my mouth had rather than feeding the “need” my body had.  Oh, and for the record, I didn’t eat the muffin either since I wasn’t truly hungry.

I’ve often mentioned that one of the things I enjoy most is baking, and I love the opportunity to bake for DSCN1394any occasion.  I’ve been really challenged on our detox because in the past 3 weeks, I have made 3 decorated birthday cakes for friends.  DSCN1585

Usually, I am sampling little tastes here and there of leftover icing, fondant, and extra cake (if there is any).  Being on this detox, I have had to refrain.  Sometimes it was easier than others, but it was always at the forefrontDSCN1500 of my mind that I couldn’t have any.  I know I will enjoy these things in the future, but to have a time set aside to discipline my body and dictate what I will and will not eat, has been really good.  I don’t ever want the foods I see and smell to control my eating habits.  I want to continue to have control over what I eat.

As far as weight loss goes, I am down another .5 lb. making a total of 4.5 total in the past 3 weeks.  Not huge results, but as I’ve said before, weight loss has not been my goal.  My husband is down another 1.5 lbs from last week, making his weight loss total to 5 lbs.

There are definitely things we are looking forward to having once our detox is over.  COFFEE!! Yes, we still very much miss our coffee in the mornings.  This past weekend was especially difficult – weekends are always difficult, but this weekend was quite cool, and we really missed the pleasure of sipping on some hot coffee as we visited in the mornings.

The other thing we are really looking forward to again is wheat.  Having some tasty yeast bread really sounds yummy right now.  Although I’m really looking forward to this, it is also the one thing I’m really interested in seeing how our bodies tolerate after not having any wheat/gluten for the 30 days.  Will our bodies be able to handle it without issues, will it be something we have to limit in our diet, or will we have to completely eliminate it all together?

We are on day 22 and have 8 more days to go!  We’re almost there!

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