Final Results – 30-day Detox

WE ARE FINISHED!!!  Wow!  I’m so excited to have completed our 30-day detox.  Before we started I really wondered if I would be able to stay disciplined enough to last the full 30 days, and now I can’t believe we are already done.  🙂  We have definitely had our ups and downs over the past 30 days, but overall it was fairly “easy” in a sense.  What made it do-able for me (who only lasted 3 hours the last time I tried a diet) was knowing all the things that I could eat, and not focusing on the things I could not eat.  I knew that if I was hungry, I could eat something without feeling guilty.  This detox wasn’t about limiting food intake, but being mindful of what we were eating.  Yes, we had a LOT of “no’s” on our food list, but we had a TON of “yes’s”!  I was pretty much able to find a replacement for all of our “no’s”.

To replace the wheat and gluten in our diet, we had gluten-free crackers, chips, cornbread, muffins, pancakes, flour tortillas, biscuits and even pizza!

To replace the sugar and help with those times I really wanted something sweet, we always had fresh fruit on hand.  We made a mixture of roasted and slightly salted almonds with golden raisins – after not having sugar for a few days, we both thought this tasted like a candy bar!  It’s really amazing how things begin to taste when you eliminate sugar.  We started to notice how “sweet” a lot of vegetables are as well.  We had corn on the cob last night that we almost felt guilty for eating because it was so sweet!  When you sauté green beans or zucchini, they have a natural sweetness that really comes out.  We sautéed some Vidalia onion with our kale the other night, and my husband actually asked me if I added sugar!

I have tried so many new recipes, and have become more familiar with gluten-free baking in the past 30-days – something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  I was forced to be creative to make dinner enjoyable for our 4-year-old.  I am so grateful that my daughter loves healthy food.  She can eat her weight in fresh fruit and sautéed veggies!  It makes me so happy to hear her say things like, “Daddy, don’t eat my kale!”  She is also a great encourager and a wonderful accountability – always reminding me that I can’t have sugar or coffee. 🙂

Overall, just being aware of what we are putting into our bodies has been great!  Being forced to read labels, and thinking about and planning what we are going to eat has been very good.  Challenging myself to be self-disciplined and self-controlled over what I eat and choosing the healthy options will hopefully continue long-term.  Yes, I will eat wheat, dairy, and try all kinds of new recipes with my love for baking.  I’ll eat cake, cookies, chocolate, and all those yummy things, but plan for them to be an occasional treat.

Where do we go from here?  What will our meals look like today on day 31?  At the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying a long-awaited cup of coffee! 🙂 🙂 🙂  DSCN1706Instead of my usual creamer, I am using French Vanilla Coconut Creamer.  It does have sugar in the creamer, but not as much as what I was using before.  Let me tell you, IT IS GOOD!!!  For breakfast, we are planning to have some muffins I made yesterday called “Mighty Muffins”.  These are actually very detox friendly.  I sampled a portion of one yesterday, and they are very filling!  I also made some breakfast cookies that are also detox friendly.  I plan to post both these recipes soon.

I really don’t know what the rest of our meals will look like the next several days.  We are now going to be faced with the challenge of eating healthy while traveling. 🙂  Hopefully we wont gain back all the weight that we lost!

People have asked me what I’ve noticed the most while on our detox.  Some of the things we were told we might notice are: weight loss, more energy, alertness, better mental clarity, less bloating, better sleep, easier to wake up, less stress/anxiety, and overall learning to be more self-controlled when it comes to eating.  We have noticed some of these things, but not all.  The results will vary from person to person.  Some things I’ve noticed, my husband didn’t.  We both lost weight and I’ll give those results at the end.  I do feel much more alert mentally.  When I wake up, I’m up and mentally ready to go after just a few minutes.  Overall I have felt more productive mentally and have generally been able to stay focused on the task at hand.  My husband has recently picked up cycling again a couple of months ago, and in the past couple of weeks, his stamina has been really good.  He has felt great while riding his 20-24 mile route and doesn’t come home exhausted.

And for the results that are most noticeable – our weight loss!  I will tell you up front, that we didn’t see the weight loss that so many people see on this particular detox, but as I’ve said before, our regular diet is already very similar to that of the detox in regards to not eating processed foods.  Some would say that our weight loss results aren’t all that great (we are both guilty of that), but my sister-in-law who has been encouraging us on our journey had a different perspective.  She saw it from the view-point of having still lost weight even considering how healthy we regularly eat.  How true and encouraging that statement was.  🙂  Here are our results…

Me – Lost a total of 6 lbs. and 3 inches all over my body.

Husband – Lost a total of 7 lbs. and 6 inches all over his body.

Although we didn’t have dramatic weight loss over the past 30 days, thinking back on what our weight loss “goals” were (what our ideal weight was) before we started, we have actually met them!  It has been noticeable enough to have received encouraging compliments from friends who have told me how good I look and that my skin now has a glow to it.  🙂 I also took the risk yesterday and put on a pair of capris that I honestly couldn’t fit into the last time I tried, and found that they fit just like the day I bought them!  I was ecstatic!  🙂

I am so glad to have completed this detox and truly feel like I have finished well, and am looking forward to continuing our healthy lifestyle in the days ahead.  We will now begin our journey of redefining what “healthy” will mean for our family.

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