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DIY Magnets

I don’t know why good magnets are hard to find and expensive when you do find them.  Recently I was at my sister’s house and commented on some of her pretty magnets.  I was surprised to hear that she and … Continue reading

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Homemade Wrapping Paper

Little Mouse is all about crafts these days.  Every day she asks me what craft we get to make, and if I don’t have an idea she will come up with one on her own.  It is amazing what she … Continue reading

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Pinecone Bird Feeders

This week in school we have been talking about birds.  Now that it is fall we are seeing fewer and fewer of these around our house.  Little Mouse was excited when I told her that our craft this week was to make … Continue reading

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Puzzle Organization

Quite a while back, we bought Little Mouse a set of puzzles.  It was a box including 12 puzzles – 4 x 48-piece puzzles and 8 x 100-piece puzzles.  At the time, she was just beginning to do 48-piece puzzles, so we … Continue reading

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Saving money by “working” for my family

I love working to provide and prepare things for my family. Since I don’t bring in a regular income, I do my best to save us money and provide healthy meals on a budget. Typically all the things I do … Continue reading

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No more fabric softener! – another money saving tip

Another way I have saved money on consumables in our house is fabric softener.  I don’t know that I will ever purchase it again!  My replacement?  Vinegar.  That’s right, distilled white vinegar – something that can be found in almost every kitchen.  … Continue reading

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Making my own laundry detergent

Saving money and cutting cost can be very difficult in any family.  These days, it seems that our grocery bill just seems to be getting more and more expensive as we continue to cut out processed foods and increase fresh whole foods to … Continue reading

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