About Me

I’ve been pondering this idea of starting a blog for almost a year now. I just couldn’t figure out what the overall focus should be. Every thought I had seemed too limiting or specific, until recently. As the title suggests, my focus is on how simple we aim for our life to be, but it is so much more than that.  Simple living isn’t necessarily easy, it can be very challenging at times. Whether the simplicity lies in how we keep our home, or how full our schedule is, or even in the foods we eat, every aspect of our lives has its own different challenge.

I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, and while some would consider that to be a very simple job of hanging out and straightening things up every so often, that is far from the truth, and is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Keeping up with my very active grade-schooler, managing the daily household duties, preparing three meals a day, managing the budget, homeschooling, filling cake orders on the side, and trying so desperately to find some ‘me’ time where I can just sit in the quiet and form a complete thought is quite challenging! Some people seem to do this effortlessly even with several children. For me, some days are a breeze while others I barely feel like I’m staying afloat while lost in a storming sea.

So what will you find here? Maybe a thoughts on a song I can’t get out of my head, or the challenges that food allergies have played in our every day life, perhaps something my daughter has said that makes me stop and think. You will definitely find lots of recipes as I love to be in the kitchen!  Most of all, I hope you find a place you can come read, relate, and find encouragement for your day and the challenges you face while trying to live your life.  And, I hope that you can see that our joy, peace, and hope comes from our relationship through Jesus Christ.

I always welcome your thoughts and comments!




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